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  • [FZ-GPU]((https://github.com/szcompressor/FZ-GPU): A fast and high-ratio lossy compressor for scientific computing applications on GPU
  • QoZ: Quality-oriented error-bounded lossy compressor
  • SZ 2: CPU version of SZ v2.1.
  • SZ 1: CPU version of SZ v1.4 (integrated in v2.1; can be turned on in sz.config).
  • cuSZ: CUDA version of SZ for GPUs.
  • kSZ: A portable accelerator implementation of SZ using Kokkos programming model.
  • Interp-SZ: Spline-interpolation based error-bounded compressor. [need particular permission to access]
  • DeepSZ: Deep neural network (DNN) model compressor.
  • SZauto: SZ with automatic parameter optimization.
  • waveSZ: Vivado HLS implementation of SZ for Xilinx FPGAs.
  • vecSZ: Vectorized code based on the Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) parallel paradigm.
  • SZ3: SZ with loosely-coupled stages support easy custimization.
  • Pastri-SZ: A lossy compressor optimized for GAMESS Two-electronic integrals datasets.
  • Roibin-SZ: Roibin-SZ - customized for EXAFEL datasets. (see example/roibin_example in SZ2.1 for details).
  • MMD-SZ: A lossy compressor opotimized for Materials Molecular Dynamics Simulation Datasets.
  • SZx: A superfast error-bounded compressor. [need particular permission to access]
  • cpSZ: An SZ-based lossy compressor that preserves critical point feature for vector fields.
  • QCAT: Quick Compression Analysis Toolkit.

Other products that integrates/uses SZ

  • PNetCDF-SZ: a utility package supporting to compress NetCDF data files.
  • H5Z-SZ/HDF5: HDF5 filter of SZ.
  • MemSZ: Squeezing memory traffic with SZ. Developed by Albin Eldstål-Ahrens and Ioannis Sourdis.
  • IoT data compression 1: Robust IoT time series classification with data compression and deep learning.
  • IoT data compression 2: An energy efficient IoT data compression approach for edge machine learning.
  • AlternativeUniversity: XRHLIB - a free C language source code for reading and writing XRH o files.
  • EXAFEL: Data Analytics at the Exascale for Free Electron Lasers.
  • EXAALT: Molecular Dynamics at the Exascale.
  • HACC: Hardware/Hybrid Accelerated Cosmology Code.
  • NYX: An adaptive mesh, cosmological hydrodynamics simulation code.
  • ADIOS(2): The Adaptable Input Output System (v2).
  • Z-checker: An lossy compression assessment framework/toolkit/library.
  • Libpressio: A C++ library with C compatible bindings to abstract lossy compression interface.
  • GAMESS: General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System.
  • VisAly-Foresight: A Compression benchmark suite for Visualization and Analysis of Simulation Data.
  • Reverse Time Migration: Seismic imaging methodology.
  • Anaconda: Package management and deployment platform for scientific computing.
  • SCIL: Scientific Compression Library.
  • SDRBench: Scientific Data Reduction Benchmarks.

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